Update Untis 2020 versie 10.0

30 October 2020

Aanpassingen en verbeteringen in Untis 2020 versie 10.0



  • Fixed a problem in the installer script which could lead to problems installing the 64 bit version. (UN-4269)
  • Quality monitoring: added an Opting Out option to prevent the transmission of usage and crash data to Units GmbH. (UN-4165)
  • Bayern-ASV: Kürzungsgründe adjusted. (UN-3657)


  • Lesson window: fixed a crash found by the crash reporting system. (UN-4142)
  • Fixed crash related to the South African date format (DD.MMM.YY) short. (UN-4178)
  • Lesson window: Copy&Paste could add unwanted coupling lines. (UN-3962)
  • Timetable printing: fixed a problem related to the customization of text via lingua.gp. (UN-3948)
  • Manual scheduling: obstructing period block was not completely un-scheduled. (UN-3375)
  • Fixed a problem related to the usage of multiple subject rooms in a coupling. (UN-4120)
  • Diagnosis: “Subject twice/day” was sometimes wrongly diagnosed. (UN-4124)
  • fixed a scaling problem in the print preview. (UN-1549)
  • The substitution statement did not respect the codes entered for individual substitutions. (UN-4365)
  • Automatic teacher assignment: reactivated the missing option “Teacher only once per class and subject”. (UN-4160)
  • Saxony-Anhalt: corrected an error in the report “Lehrerwochenarbeit. (UN-3451)
  • UniUntis: customized expressions were not saved. (UN-4145)

Download de nieuwe versie:

Download Untis 2020 versie 10 32bit

Download Untis 2020 versie 10 64bit